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Candida antibody blood test


Candida Antibody Blood Test

The Candida Antibody test is a blood test that covers IgG, IgM.


The Candida Antibody test is £189 pounds and includes a Blood draw at our clinic.


If you would like to do this test, we can book you in with our nurse at the clinic to take you blood.


Please call us on 0345 1297996.

Candida stool test


This Comprehensive stool test covers parasites, bacteria, friendly gut flora and over 75 species of yeast including the following:

Blastoschizomyces capitatus,

Candida albicans,

Candida allociferrii,

Candida boidinii,

Candida cacaoi,

Candida catenulata,

Candida chodatii,

Candida ciferrii,

Candida colliculosa,

Candida cylindracea,

Candida dubliniensis,

Candida ernobii,

Candida famata,

Candida freyschussii,

Candida friedrichii,

Candida glabrata,

Candida guilliermondii,

Candida haemulonii,

Candida holmii,

Candida inconspicua,

Candida intermedia,

Candida kefyr,

Candida krusei,
Candida lactiscondensi,

Candida lambica,

Candida lipolytica,

Candida lusitaniae,

Candida magnoliae,

Candida maltosa,

Candida membranifaciens,

Candida mesenterica,

Candida metapsilosis,

Candida multigemmis,

Candida nemodendra,

Candida nitratophila,

Candida nivariensis,

Candida norvegensis,

Candida norvegica,

Candida orthopsilosis,

Candida palmioleophila,

Candida parapsilosis,

Candida parapsilosis complex,

Candida vini,

Candida zeylanoides,

Candida thermophila,

Cryptococcus albidus,

Cryptococcus flavus,

Cryptococcus gattii,
Cryptococcus humicola,

Cryptococcus laurentii,

Cryptococcus macerans,

Cryptococcus neoformans,

Cryptococcus spp, not neoformans,

Cryptococcus terreus,

Cryptococcus uniguttulatus,

Debaryomyces etchellsii,

Debaryomyces hansenii,

Exophiala dermatitidis,

Geotrichum spp,

Hanseniaspora opuntiae,

Hyphomicrobium spp,

Kazachstania telluris group,

Kloeckera apiculata,

Kloeckera spp,

Kodamaea ohmeri,

Lecythophora hoffmannii,

Lodderomyces elongisporus,

Magnusiomyces capitatus,

Pichia cactophila,

Pichia farinosa,

Pichia holstii,

Pichia kluyveri,

Pichia manshurica,

Pichia methylivora,

Pichia spp,

Prototheca wickerhamii,

Prototheca zopfii,

Pseudozyma aphidis,

Rhodospiridium sp,

Rhodotorula acheniorum,

Rhodotorula bacarum,

Rhodotorula bogoriensis,

Rhodotorula glutinis,
Rhodotorula minuta,

Candida pararugosa,

Candida pelliculosa,

Candida peltata,

  Candida pini,

Candida pulcherrima,

Candida reukaufii,

Candida robusta,

Candida rugosa,

Candida sake,

Candida slooffiae,

Candida solani,

Candida sorbosa,

Candida spandovensis,

Candida sphaerica,

Candida spp,

Candida succiphila,

Candida tropicalis,

Candida utilis,

Candida valida,

Candida versatilis

Rhodotorula mucilaginosa,

Rhodotorula pustula,

Rhodotorula spp,
Saccharomyces cerevisiae/boulardii,

Schizosaccharomyces pombe,

Sporobolomyces roseus,

Sporopachydermia cereana,

Stephanoascus ciferrii,

Trichosporon asahii,

Trichosporon cutaneum,

Trichosporon debeurmannianum,

Trichosporon inkin,

Trichosporon mucoides,

Trichosporon mycotoxinivorans,

Trichosporon ovoides,

Trichosporon spp
Udeniomyces puniceus,

Udeniomyces puniceus,

Zygosaccharomyces bailii.


Candida urine test


Urine testing for Assessing Candida.


This  is a very sensitive urine test that will indicate whether you have a yeast overgrowth such as candida albicans.

Our  Microbial Organic Acids Test (MOAT) test  indicates 21 metabolites produced by yeast and bacteria. Elevated test values are related to yeast or bacterial dysbiosis. The test also looks for beneficial bacteria, harmful bacteria, Clostridia species, Candida species, yeast and fungal metabolites, and general markers of dysbiosis.


The test is conducted using your first urine sample of the day and we will examine it to assess fungal overgrowth. Please   avoid apples, grapes (including raisins), pears, cranberries and their juices 24 hours prior to specimen collection.


The results take 2-3 weeks.


Please see sample report here: