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Eva Testimonial
For almost eight years I had to watch helpless as my husband suffered severe and debilitating “IBS” symptoms. Despite seeing a number of NHS specialists no one seemed able to help him and his symptoms got worse and worse until he seemed to be sick almost every day. When we found Victoria we were at the end of our tether. She was quickly able to assess the cause of his symptoms and gave him a treatment plan. When we finally understood what the cause of my husbands symptoms were I actually wept, not because I am an especially over emotional person, but because it was the first time in years that I had hope that he would be well again. My husband is now returning to full health and my children and I cannot thank Victoria enough.

Mark Testimonial
After several years of health problems and the NHS being unable to find out what was wrong with me, I fortunately found Victoria whilst searching online. After changing my diet within just a few weeks I’m pleased to say that my health has improved dramatically since. I cannot recommend this service highly enough. Keep up the good work! (reviewed 6 months ago)

Niki Testimonial
Victoria has given me excellent advice on both diet and lifestyle. I would highly recommend her. (reviewed 6 months ago)

Gareth J. Testimonial
Victoria has helped tremendously with my stomach issues. Her meal plan has greatly reduced my IBS symptoms and I’m very grateful!

Susie C.
After years of weight gain, brain fog, headaches and fatigue I was completely fed up. Victoria helped me understand truly what was happening . I changed my diet and I now feel 10 years younger, have lost 5 pounds and am pleased to say will not return to bad habits!

Laura S.
When I went to see Victoria, I felt exhausted and unable to cope with my day to day activites. I had already been to my GP and done all the standard bllod test but was told that everything was normal and that there was nothing they could do. I was depressed and unable to perform my job properly. When I saw Victoria she recommended an adrenal test that indicated that I had adrenal fatigue. She helped me devise a change in diet. Lifestyle and carefully explained exactly what to do to speed my recovery. I am pleased to say that I am now fully on my way to recovery and it has been such a help to have someone listen and understand.