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Metabolic balance UK ® has helped over half a million people lose weight successfully- Join the revolution and Lose Weight Forever with
Metabolic Balance.

How does the MB programme work?

Our Nutrition clinic is based near Harley Street in Central London but we also work with Metabolic Balance clients world-wide.

Metabolic Balance® has received international acclaim as the most effective weight loss programme. Celebrities including Boy George have undergone the program and lost weight effortlessly.


How do I know if this programme is good for me?

If you have tried every diet under the sun and are fed up of not losing weight or are fed of being hungry, the Metabolic Balance weight loss method may finally be the answer to lasting weight loss.

Are you fed up of dieting only to find yourself regaining all the weight that you lost?  Or do you find it very difficult to lose more than  a couple of pounds  even after following very strict diets? Chances are your metabolism is at play.

If you are suffering from a slow metabolism you may be gaining weight around your belly, you may also feel very tired and very irritable.

Metabolic Balance has been thoroughly researched for over 25 years. This innovative weight loss program is best suited to clients who are looking for a structured eating plan based on their individual make-up. We are all different, each of us has unique bio-chemical needs. The diet that you will receive will be tailored specifically for your genetic make-up and will ensure that you lose weight quickly and easily and keep the weight off long-term. Have you ever found that diets simply don’t work? Do you find that the your metabolism is stubborn? Metabolic Balance will finally help you shed pounds quickly and forever.

Step 1:

You will need to have a fully comprehensive blood test. The blood test will be arranged at a laboratory in central London near Harley Street and looks at 50 different paramenters including your cholesterol levels, your calcium levels, your blood cells, your thyroid, your protein levels, triglyceride levels, iron levels and glucose levels.

After your blood test is done, a tailored nutrition plan will be drawn up within 2 days based on your unique needs. Your diet plan will take into account your personal food preferences and your medical history and any medication you are taking.

What makes Metabolic Balance successful?

We can help with weight loss

1. The main benefit of this innovative weight loss program is that it is unique. The diet plan that will be prepared for you will be based on your unique nutritional and bio-chemical needs. All other diets have a one size fits all approach and do not cater for individual differences.

2. After the first week on the diet, you will find that you lose your cravings and that your appetite is much reduced. Many clients find that they feel in control of their eating again and that they have never felt and looked so good. A key benefit of the diet is that you will lose your appetite and gain energy.

3. You will lose weight quickly. Most clients lose between 1-3 kgs just during the first week.

4. You will have On-going support. Victoria Tyler has vast experience of helping clients with weight loss. Emotional eating, food cravings, digestive issues and sugar addiction are areas that will be addressed. Victoria Tyler will be your own personal Metabolic Coach. Her role will be to keep you motivated and ensure that you stay on track. Victoria will teach you what foods to eat and what foods to avoid so that you can be thin permanently. She is also a specialist in digestive disorders.

How does metabolic balance® help you to achieve your ideal weight?

The diet plan that will be provided is based on 3 meals per day. All food groups will be included such as protein, carbohydrates and vegetables and fruit.

By eating 3 meals a day, you will secrete insulin is a controlled manner. Insulin is a hormone secreted by the pancreas whose role is to reduce blood sugar. When there is too much sugar in the blood due to overeating the wrong foods, the excess sugar is dumped into fat cells for storage. This is one way we store fat.

Eliminate Hunger and Cravings and Burn Fat

The Metabolic Balance personalized nutrition plan will ensure that you do not have rapid rises in insulin or blood sugar. One of the key benefits of this is that you will not have food cravings and will not feel starving. This also means that you will be better able to burn fat.

Enjoy more Energy and Balance your Hormones Naturally

Clients who have followed the plan have noted great increases in their energy levels, in their moods and have a more positive outlook.

Metabolic balance® improves Health

Weight Loss

The Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism published a study in 2010 that revealed that clients who followed the Metabolic Balance program had improvements in their blood parameters. For example cholesterol levels improved and triglyceride levels improved.

Who is the ideal candidate for the metabolic balance® program?
1. The ideal client is anyone who wants to lose weight permanently and safely

2. It doesn’t matter whether you wish to lose 100 kgs or only 5kgs metabolic balance® will be help you reach your goals.

3. If you suffer from Psoriasis, Eczema, Type 2 Diabetes; headaches and Migraines; High Cholesterol or food intolerances you will find that the diet will help you with these conditions.

4. If you want to read an insiders guide to Metabolic Balance

How can I get started?

We are based in central London but can help clients all over the UK and abroad.

Please contact us, call us on 0345 129 7996, or e-mail help@nutritionandvitality.co.uk

How can I found out more about my certified coach, Victoria Tyler?

Please feel free to call her on 0788151734 and also look at her linkedin profile.