What causes Bloating?

Bloted tummyWhat Causes Bloating?

Bloating can be very distressing and many patients in the UK visit their GP complaining of bloating and pain.

This article will cover some of the key causes of bloating.

1. Foods that Cause Bloating
The very foods you eat can cause you to have a bloated stomach sometimes with pain. The most common foods that can cause bloating include the foods we ingest every day including wheat, yeast, dairy and gluten. Food Intolerances are very common and many people find that the very foods they eat are causing bloating, pain and other digestive problems and weight gain. Food Intolerances should not be mistaken with a food allergy. A food allergy is immediate and can be life threatening. Instead a food intolerance can take up to 48 hours before you have any reaction such as bloating or pain after eating foods. If you want to find out if you have a food intolerance get tested or follow an elimination diet.

2.Gastric hypofunction or hypochlorydia
Low stomach acid or hypochlorydia has been associated to many health problems. If we are not producing enough hydrochloric acid we may end up feeling bloated. This is because we are not breaking down our food correctly.  Use of  acid-suppressing medications can also cause problems as they can reduce the production of important digestive enzymes such as Pepsin which is essential for the digestion of protein. If you suspect you have low stomach acid you should speak to your nutritionist and get some good digestive enzymes.
3. Stress
Are you stressed? If you are very stressed you may not be producing significant quantities of stomach acid either. This means that you will not secrete adequate amounts of digestive enzymes and once again you won’t break down your food. When we are stressed our digestive systems are unable to function properly and we do not secrete adequate amounts of enzymes. If you find yourself at work with a bloated or swollen tummy after lunch, this may be due to lack of hydrochloric acid and your body simply cannot break down food properly. Ask your nutritionist for some digestive enzymes.
4. Antibiotics Use Another cause of feeling bloated may be due e to bacteria or dysbiosis. Have you taken antibiotics? These change the balance of intestinal microbes killing both harmful and good bacteria such as Lactobacillus and Bifidbacteria. This leaves us open to other bacteria parasites, viruses and yeast. This is turn can cause bloating, pain and constipation or diarrhea. Make sure you get tested and that you re-populate your gut with healthy gut bacteria using a high quality probiotics.
5. Medication
Another cause of  your bloated stomach may be your medication. Are you taking steroids or acne medication ? These drugs have cause fungal infections such as candida. In turn candida can cause bloating as well as fatigue. If you do have Candida you will need to change your diet and take some anti-fungals.

Are you taking Aspirin, Ibubrofen or Paracetemol? These drugs may relieve you from pain however, they cause inflammation in your GI tract and ultimately should be taken with caution. They also can lead to inflammation and bloating.

6. Candida, Yeast and bloating
A common cause of bloating is candida or a yeast overgrowth. If you have taken antibiotics, acne medication, or eat a diet high in sugar or yeast such as bread, alcohol you may well have Candida. This will cause you your tummy to be boated, you will also experience fatigue and often patients have a white coating on their tongue.

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