How to help your Thyroid and gain more energy

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Do you feel tired all the time? Do you feel cold? Are you constipated? Are you losing your hair? Are you gaining weight?


If the answer is yes to many of these questions you may be suffering from an under active thyroid.


Although your standard thyroid tests may have come back ‘normal’ from your GP, you still may be wondering why you feel so tired. Diagnostic testing  may help you to check for sub-clinical hypothyroidism The test that I use is a sensitive test that measures urine levels of the two thyroid hormones T3 and T4 over 24 hours. As this is a more sensitive test it can be useful in picking up cases that are classed as subclinical hypothyroidism and may be missed.


There are some fundamental nutrients that the thyroid needs in order to function properly. These can be taken in the form of supplements or by eating foods.
Iodine is found in foodstuffs such as fish and seafood and fruit and vegetables. However, if your diet is low in iodine Kelp tablets can be taken daily 100mg of kelp provides 150 micrograms of iodine.

Another key nutrient is Selenium. This is found in meats, fish, shellfish, dairy products, citrus fruits, avocado, pears and wholegrains. A very good source is Brazil nuts.

If you think you may be low in Selenium, you can take tablets in the form of 200 mg daily but please note that since they are synthetic (And are not absorbed properly) it is preferable to eat a good supply in one’s diet.
Tyrosine supplements may be needed if the diet is short of sufficient protein 500 milligrams should be taken daily. Good foods to eat that include Tyrosine are wheat, oats, and meat. Fish, eggs and pulses.

Other trace substances that are required in the manufacture and processing of thyroid hormones include Vitamin A, B Complex, C, E, D, Manganese, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Chromium, Iron and Copper.

All of these essential nutrients can be provided in thyroid support supplementation. A great supplement is Nutri’s Thyro Complex.
Thyroid health also requires proper exercise. The importance of daily exercise cannot be over-stated. Start with gentle stretching in the morning to get the blood flowing through the endocrine glands. Walking is fundamental, taking the stairs and aerobic exercise should be done regularly. Exercise actually stimulates your thyroid function and metabolism.


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