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We are the leading provider of IBS tests and stool tests. If you would like to order a test please call us on 0345 1297996 or e-mail: help@nutritonandvitality.co.uk

Some of our clients prefer to order a stool test first and then come in for a consultation to review the results.  Others with complex cases would rather have a consultation first, (we are based in central London)  but can also organise skype telephone consultations.


Our CSA and GI effects stool tests are able to analyse at least 30 markers including:

  • Digestion/Absorption:
  • Inflammation/Immunology
  • Gut Micriobiome including beta glucoronidase
  • Friendly Bacteria such as Lactobacillus or Bifidobacteria

Bacterial and mycological culture, which demonstrate the presence of specific beneficial and pathological organisms-Klebsiella and Citrobacter freundii and Enterobacter Clocae.

Candida-We can also detect Candida albicans and Geotrichum species via stool analysis. The stool test is also able to determine the most appropriate anti-fungals to eradicate candida.

  • Parasitology
    • Parasites tested for include: Cryptosporidium, Entamoeba histolytica, and Giardia lamblia, Blastocystis hominis and Dientamoeba fragilis and Giardia

Most patients who have been to the NHS  with symtoms of  IBS, are often offered, Mebeverine or Colofac or Omeprazole and  unfortuantely for many patients these drugs do not really help their symptoms.  As  functional medicine practitioners, we  look at the possible causes of your symptoms  so we can try and alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms of IBS and improve your quality of life. This is why a stool test can be extremely helpful in detecting imbalances in gut health.

Victoria Tyler  has  been helping people with IBS and digestive disorders since 2004 and was working  alongside  Michael Franklin who established the IBS and Gut Disorder Centre  over 20 years ago.  Sadly, Michael Franklin passed away at the end of  2014 .

Michael Franklin’s Practice was runner-up in the 2009 CAM Awards for Outstanding Practice. Victoria Tyler is delighted to be able to continue to  share the exceptional work of this practice and the knowledge learned over the last 10 years.


Gut Microbiome

Research indicates that our intestinal tract, contains millions of organisms, also know as the gut microbiome .  If imbalances exist in the gut mcrobiome there may be links with a number of conditions including Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Irritable Bowel syndrome (IBS) and Autism, Obesity and autoimmune conditions.

This test has been a huge breakthrough in helping us  identify imbalances in gut health such as IBS.


  • Other key tests that are may be very beneficial for IBS include, SIBO, Candida and  food intolerance tests
  • For some clients, sometimes only one of the above is to blame. However, for many of my clients , 2 or more of these triggers may be present simultaneously. For example, there may be a presence of yeast such as candida as well as food intolerances. In that case we will need to look at anti-funglas as we as diet. The beauty of the stool test is that it will tell you exactly what anti-funglas you need to take to eradicate the yeast in question. 
  • Many people only look at one possible cause of IBS. The comprehensive stool test  looks at, yeast, bacteria and parasites  and is extremely reliable.
  • The Comprehensive Stool test will find triggers that are not even looked for by standard tests done on  the NHS.  In fact the NHS does not even believe in Candida or Yeast!
  • We also  use  food intolerance tests.  These tests can be very helpful in helping symptoms and we work with each patient to ascertain exactly what diet is needed – in their particular case. Most clients benefit very quickly from any improvements in health.
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Please feel free to call  on 0345 129 7996  or 07881517034 Victoria Tyler for an informal chat about your symptoms and see if she can help you.