Candida tests

Candida Urine Tests Dysbiosis Profile –

There is a very sensitive urine test that will report whether you have a yeast overgrowth such as candida albicans.Urine testing for Assessing Candida.

If you want to do this test, you will need to take your firts urine sample of the day and we will examine it to assess fungal overgrowth.

Anti-Candida Antibody

The Anti-Candida Antibody test is a blood test that t covers IgG, IgM, IgA, Candida antigen, and immune complexes.

Candida Stool and Blood

 This test evaluates blood and stool for immune reactivity to Candida albicans, using the Yeast Culture and Candida IgG Antibodies to create a comprehensive profile. It is useful for a wide array of symptoms, including irritable bowel syndrome, low energy, mood swings, and “foggy brain.”

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